Dane Reynolds

Dane Reynolds

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Inarguably the most influential surfer of his generation, Dane can't eat breakfast without being emulated by everyone from full grown adults to pre-teen groms. His lack of interest in "beating people" and disregard for competitive tactics held Dane short of winning a World Title or CT event, but he still managed to place 4th in the 2010 ASP Ratings before leaving competition altogether. Dane's 2016 release of Chapter 11 stands today as the most candid, first-person look into a surfing icon the public has ever witnessed.

Hometown:  Ventura, CA
Currently Resides:  Santa Barbara, CA
Date of Birth:  September 7, 1985
On Vans Since:  2011
Instagram: @sealtooth

Duct Tape Festival 2018 at Zarautz Spain | Surf | Vans

The Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational makes its European debut in Zarautz, Basque Country with a mission to bring together a global collective of people inspired by surfing, to celebrate progression and creativity in surf culture. Featuring Dane Reynolds, Alex Knost, Tanner Gudauskas and Lee Ann Curren surfing and sharing their hand-crafted boards.

Paradoxxx | Surf | VANS

Quiet and reserved on land but pure expression in the water, Dane is the master of keeping us guessing. The Paradoxx is a product of the contradicting aspects of Danes personality. Drawing inspiration from growing up in the 90's, Dane combined look, feel and construction to create the Paradoxxx! Featuring a new cup-sole, for style as well as fit, combined with Vans UltraCush™ Lite drop-in footbed, the Paradoxxx is the perfect shoe from one of the most influential surfers in or out of the water.