Pat Moore

Hailing from the east coast, Pat has been pushing the boundaries of snowboarding since he was a grom.

No matter what Pat is riding, Pat’s powerful style is one not to reckoned with. Putting out cover after cover, video part after video part, Pat is slowly becoming one of the best all around riders to have ridden a snowboard.


What boot do you ride?


What is your favorite Vans shoe?

Elijah Berle Pro sk8-HI

What's your setup?

156 Volcom board made by Capita and Union Bindings

What's the best trip you've ever been on?

Japan for the Holy Bowly 2012, riding with Wes Makepeace and Jamie Lynn for a week. Will never forget it!

What is the best story you've ever heard?

I have no idea

Favorite Vans Rider?

Jamie Lynn

What trick can't you do that you wish you could?

Open a beer with the nose of my snowboard

What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you?

I was born a redhead

What are some of your interests/hobbies outside of snowboarding?

Traveling, skating, surfing, partying, running ASS Industries

Last good book you read?

The Post Office, by Charles Bukowski

Five songs that have to be on a mix tape?

Outskirts of life by GG Allin, Alter of Sacrifice by Slayer, Whiplash by Metallica, Straight To Hell by Hank III, Children of The Grave by Black Sabbath