Arthur Longo

The future of the sport, Arthur brings nothing but hammers to the table.

From competing in pipe at the X games to filming a video part in Pirates “Unique”, there is nothing that Arthur does that won’t capture the attention of anyone around him.


What boot do you ride?

I love to ride the V-66 these days, this model is so good and feels right even on the first day.

What is your favorite Vans shoe?

I'm into classic Model but I love the new Chima pro.

What's your setup?

Volcom boards made by Capita and Union bindings

What's the best trip you've ever been on?

In 2012 I went to Alaska with Gigi, I stayed there for five weeks and felt amazing. Not only the snowboarding was perfect but also all the lifestyle that came with it. I'm really looking forward to go again.

 What is the best story you've ever heard?

 I got one in mind. I wasn't there but my friends told me the story. They were basically partying home and one of them scored a chick. He goes to her place and starts to do what a girl and a guy do when the boy friend of the girl gets there and starts to beat my friend and kick him out with only his shorts and shoes. After that he goes to where he was supposed to stay and get locked outside with no key, no phone, no nothing. So he decides to go where I live a few miles away cause it's always open home. He hitchhiked and a guy took him thinking he was so miserable. This time it was locked home so once again he was locked outside but could get in next-door, which is a dryer room home. The only thing he found as clothes were some pajamas of my mum. He put it on and took the bus back to one of my friends where he could finally get in cause the parents were going to work.

Favorite Vans Rider?

Jamie Lynn

What trick can't you do that you wish you could?

I'm pretty lame at bs rodeos.

What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you?

You want me to tell a long story again?

What are some of your interests/hobbies outside of snowboarding?

Movies, reading, surfing, traveling, concerts, photography, soccer, paragliding, drawing...

Last good book you read?

 It was from a French author and I'm pretty sure it's not translated cause I really checked to offer it to some people. Amazing book called Cendrillon by Eric Reinhartd

Five songs that have to be on a mix tape?

It's just some stuff I listen to now...
Arcade Fire- Reflektor
Jacco Gardner- Clear the air
Phamtogram- Don't move
Foxygen- In the Darkness
Tame Impala- Elephant