Omar Hassan

Costa Mesa, California’s resident Black Label Skateboards Pro, Omar Hassan, has been on Vans longer than anyone else named Omar.

Hell, almost longer than anyone not named Omar too! He’s been rocking the side stripe for 25+ years now and in those two and half decades he’s managed to see every inch of the globe and shred every type of terrain put in front of him. Omar is the blueprint prototype all terrain skater that we are starting to see more of emerging these days. He’s not a bowl skater or a vert skater or a street skater; he’s simply a skateboarder and one of the best ever. 


What's the best trip you've ever been on?

There’s been too many trips! I can’t say just one. It’s all been a good experience.

Favorite Vans Rider? 

John Cardiel, for sure. He’s got a lot of soul and heart and he’s an awesome skateboarder. 

What trick can't you do that you wish you could? 

There’s too many to name. 

What are some interests/hobbies outside of skating?

Hanging out with the homies. BBQing and going to the beach. 

Last good book you read? 

Thrasher Magazine because my friends were in there acting stupid.