Crack Gallery Presents - Rock Solid

Skate Skool

Vernissage - Thursday, May 30th: 7pm - 9pm

Harbour Convention Centre
760 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver B.C.

House of Vans Vancouver will play host to ROCK SOLID a 5-year retrospective of Crack Gallery.

Featured ARTISTS:

Antosh Cimoszko
Shawn Powers 
Carson Cartier
Weirdo Dave FTL
Silas Borsos 
Noah McDonough
Zachary Trask
Kyle Shura
Jeff Halladay
Zak David
Nick Atkins
Peter Paquin 
Chucky Edge
Carrie Bunny
Dakota Barber 

About Crack Gallery:

Founded in 2014, Crack Gallery is a Vancouver based art gallery with no fixed location. Exhibitions are curated both locally and internationally using temporary spaces.
The shows we do in Vancouver take place in the Downtown Eastside (DTES)
This area, one of the city’s oldest, is notable for its high levels of drug use, poverty, mental illness, sex work, homelessness and crime. It is also known for its strong community resilience and history of social activism. Here is where we feel most comfortable and there is no place anywhere quite like it.

The artists we choose are always people we know personally. Its friends working with friends and that has always been very important to us. This creates more of a family atmosphere that we appreciate so much.

We also strive to make the art more accessible to all. Regardless of age, background and financial situation, art should still be attainable in some form. To do this we make more affordable items such as prints, t-shirts and zines. These items help to make sure everyone gets something from each show and that alone has been a very rewarding part of doing Crack Gallery.