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We asked some of our Vault by Vans partners to define what it means to them to get there.

Artist Aaron Jupin walks us through his latest piece. A nostalgic painting in which he depicts a skewed perspective of his parents' house through the imaginary lens of his fireplace. A humanly impossible perspective that Aaron states is often seen in film and animated motion pictures. Through this visual essay, in partnership with Vans Vault, we define the campaign mantra "Get There" as Aaron puts the finishing touches on his latest painting and reflects on his childhood and the stages of life that have lead him to his profession as an artist based in Los Angeles, CA.

Even the best-prepared travel itineraries have to account for the unforeseen. It doesn't matter if getting from point a to point b is a thousand mile adventure, or just your daily commute; it's rarely a straight line. So, when it comes to getting there, it's always best to have that spur of the moment spirit in mind. Besides, there's always bound to be some small store along the way that will have whatever you forgot.

Dark City. Inspired by the urban landscape, and the quiet of night.
The journey to "Get There" begins...

A visual journey illustrating how everything starts with an idea. This story is told through four traditional settings and views of Ohio, with each scene captured by a photographer to serve as a symbol and representation of product inspiration — the journey of getting there.

A behind the scenes look at the process around launching a footwear product at retail.From delivery to marketing content and the consumer journey, we wanted to provide an inside look around OTH's launch culture.