Tanner Gudauskas

Tanner Gudauskas

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If you twist up a plastic bottle and loosen the top, it will explode. That's one of many ways to describe Tanner Guduakas' surfing. He's seemingly spring-loaded in the water and constantly radiating on land. Partially because of his love for art and color, but mostly because of his always positive mental attitude that can't help from becoming contagious. Tanner views surfing as a creative expression more than a sport and is most proud of facilitating a surfboard drive that has raised hundreds of surfboards to under-served communities. He and his brothers have started the Positive Vibe Warriors, a non-profit foundation that gives back to surf communities in need. 

Hometown: San Clemente, California
Currently Resides:  San Clemente, California
Date of Birth:  July 4, 1988
On Vans Since: 2002
Instagram: @tannergud

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