Michael February

Michael February

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Michael "Freestyle" February grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and started surfing at the age of ten. Growing up in Cape Town, with J-Bay only a quick plane flight away, Mikey was able to mold himself into one of the most stylish up and coming surfers of modern day. His relaxed, refined, effortless style compliments the long running point breaks and beach breaks that light up the region. February grew up competing locally with a lot of success early on. With the Vans family since 2014, February started as a regional Vans team rider for South Africa, and emerged onto surfing's world stage in 2017 when he officially qualified for the World Surf League's 2018 Championship Tour. Touted for his unique surf style, February expresses a modern and dynamic surf aesthetic, with a diverse mix of fluidity, precision and originality.

Surfing is just one of Michael's passions. His genuine devotion to surfing is uniquely defined by his upbringing in Cape Town, South Africa. Recently featured in Vans' surf film Can't Steal Our Vibe alongside fellow teammates the Gudauskas brothers, February has been a driving force in Vans' philanthropic initiative to inspire at-risk youth in South Africa through surfing. In partnership with Waves for Change, February helped to collect over 750 surfboards for local South Africa townships, helping kids heal through surfing. February remains actively involved with his community and is proactively looking ways to give back through surfing.

HOMETOWN: Cape Town, South Africa
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Cape Town, South Africa
DATE OF BIRTH: May 17, 1993
INSTAGRAM: @mikeyfebruary

Lotus: Featuring Michael February | Surf | VANS

We never had a project in mind, in fact we kind of just rolled with the punches and before we knew it we had enough footage to build a edit. After a full year chasing swell and sandbanks, we've created Lotus, a Vans Surf video project featuring Vans team rider Michael February and filmed by Steve Michelsen.

Can't Steal Our Vibe Official Trailer | Surf | VANS

The "Can't Steal Our Vibe" documentary film follows a grassroots initiative unifying two cultures worlds apart through a common love of wave riding. The mission of the Positive Vibe Warrior Foundation is to inspire individuals to make a positive impact within their communities. In 2017, professional surfers PVW co-founders Patrick, Dane and Tanner Gudauskas along with South African pro, Michael February, hosted a surfboard drive to benefit the Waves For Change organization in Cape Town, South Africa. Their goal was to provide surf equipment to the youngsters coming out of the poorest townships in the region and provide a positive outlet for them to overcome the adversities of poverty, violence and abuse. Tag along on an adventure from San Clemente, California to Cape Town as the G-Boys and Michael February immerse themselves into the vibrant culture of South Africa in hopes of sparking the next generation of young surfers. Can't Steal Our Vibe will be available for Download on iTunes November 20th, 2018 Proceeds from the sale of downloads go directly to the Waves For Change Foundation.