Leila Hurst

Leila Hurst

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Leila realizes the life that most can only dream about. Growing up on arguably the most beautiful island on earth is a great place to start. Ditching the grind of year-round competition and instead “working” as a traveling freesurfer is icing on the cake. Winning the 2011 World Junior title once aimed her towards a different path, but rolling with “good people” and Beyoncé’s music inspire her more than chasing points. Leila eventually rerouted her goals and now follows swells around the globe despite being petrified of flying.

Hometown:  Kilauea, Hawaii
Currently Resides:  San Clemente, California
Date of Birth:  August 17, 1993
On Vans Since: 2008
Instagram: @leilahurst

Hawaii with Leila Hurst during the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing: Episode 1 | Follow My Vans | VANS

Follow My Vans is back with five new episodes following Vans' Amanda Rae and Vans Surf team member Leila Hurst around Hawaii during the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. In this episode get to know Leila as she and Amanda get settled in for the week. More episodes coming soon!

Leila Hurst - Vans Dazie Hi | Surf | VANS

Vans Dazie Hi, part of the Leila Hurst Signature Collection.