Kyuss King

Kyuss King

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Kyuss King practically lives the endless summer. Summer in California, winter in Hawaii, autumn in Australia. Kyuss has been in the spotlight since he was a young grom. A blonde, long-haired wiry surfer from Byron Bay started to impress the surf world at a young age. A lot of kids burn out or falter to the pressure of being in the spotlight, but not Kyuss. He has a strong knack for progression and has been translating that work within the framework of his surfing with a jersey on in contests. 

Hometown: Byron Bay, Australia
Currently Resides: Ewingsdale, New South Wales
Date of Birth: June 9, 2000
On Vans Since: 2015
INSTAGRAM: @kyussking

Kyuss King In Samatra 2017 | Surf | VANS

Vans Surf's Kyuss King in Sumatra, 2017.

Six Weeks on the North Shore with Kyuss King | Surf | VANS

Kyuss King's had a one-track mind to become a professional surfer since the first moment he stood on a board. If there's a single place you need to prove yourself in order to reach "pro status", it's on the North Shore of Oahu. At 17 years old, Kyuss has put in a solid amount of time along the 7-Mile Miracle, each and every year. This past season he brought his game to a new level. From experiencing his first session at Waimea, to charging Insanities, and tearing apart Haleiwa, Kyuss is shaking out of the grom days and into the big leagues. "Module Overload" by Fu Manchu Courtesy of Fu Manchu