Ivan Florence

Ivan Florence

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Ivan Florence doesn't speak much but when he does, prepare to listen. It'll probably be something classic. He has a unique demeanor that allows him to cruise through life and naturally mesh with fellow badasses like Greyson and Nathan Fletcher. Don't confuse Ivan's quiet temperament with boredom because he rarely stops moving. It has suited him well to date. Growing up with two-time world champion John John and Big Wave Hellman Nathan for brothers, Ivan is the jack of all trades brother that compliments the talented family. 

Hometown:  Haleiwa, HI
Currently Resides:  Haleiwa, HI
Date of Birth:  May 25, 1996
On Vans Since: 1999
Instagram: @ivanflorence_

The UltraRange HI MTE | Surf | VANS

Join Nathan and Ivan Florence with Leila Hurst as they puddle jump through Alaska while putting the all new UltraRange HI MTE to the test. The UltraRange HI MTE brings all the comfort and versatility of the UltraRange but with the addition of our MTE attributes to keep you warm and dry in these weather-ridden months.

South Africa: Part 2 | Cutting Room Floor | VANS

Originally published on Aug 6, 2012 - In the second episode dedicated to South Africa, Vans' Surf Team riders Dylan Graves, Tanner Gudauskas, Nathan Florence & Ivan Florence continue sharing clips and commentary from the upcoming Vans Surf film "Get-N Classic Volume 2".