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Tom Schaar

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Before Tom Schaar could vote or participate in any of the rites of passage afforded by adulthood, he had already made skateboarding history by performing the first 1080 on vert, before spinning one in the X-Games in Shanghai in 2012. He was 12-years-old. Six years later, Tom's persistent winning and style evolution have taken the high road to pro status on long-time sponsor Element in 2018 and a role in the brand's full-length Peace (2018).

Growing up fast also meant ditching the pads and embracing the challenge, speed, and feel of concrete bowls, allowing him to let loose and expand his already dangerous trick vocabulary, provided he can keep his mind off video games.

HOMETOWN: Malibu, California
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Encinitas, California
DATE OF BIRTH: September 14, 1999
INSTAGRAM: @tomschaar

Vans Park Series 2018 Rider Profile: Tom Schaar | Skate | VANS

At age 12, Tom Schaar landed skateboarding's first 1080. It was a career defining trick that gained Tom international attention as well as a bit of a stigma within the core skateboard community as an ‘air baby.' Since then Tom has proven himself to be more than a one-trick-wonder. From video parts for Element Skateboards in backyard pools to dominating the Vans Park Series Pro Tour, Tom has shown he's able to adapt to any terrain. In this Rider Profile we visit Tom's house in San Diego California to discuss his career, his goals for the future, and to follow him on a filming session at Washington Street skatepark with his friend and filmer Chris Gregson.

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