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Steve Caballero

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As he powers through a career that continues to defy odds, Steve Caballero maintains an authenticity born of driveway dreams. Determination led Cab out of the burbs and into the limelight, racking up contest wins in his early-teens and earning a place on Powell Peralta's esteemed roster. Along with inventing two cornerstone tricks—the Caballerial and the frontside boardslide—Cab also was a key player in the burgeoning skate rock scene of the ‘80s, playing with The Faction, Odd Man Out, and several other projects.

While he's known for his signature move, longstanding Half Cab sneaker, and contest dominance, Caballero's street prowess includes a then record setting 44-stair step board slide on a handrail in 1999, as well earning Thrasher Magazine's "Skater of the Century" award the same year. A motorcycle and hot rod enthusiast, painter, and musician, Cab has an infectious energy that's proved that he's a luminary and ambassador for the lifestyle and global influence of skateboarding.

HOMETOWN: San Jose, California
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Campbell, California
DATE OF BIRTH: November 8, 1964
INSTAGRAM: @stevecaballero

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