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Ray Barbee

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When skateboarding was formally introduced to Ray Barbee via Powell Peralta's big-box video Public Domain (1988), he exuded a finesse that immediately stood out. Since then his inherent fluidity, spontaneity, and modesty have become the cornerstones of a career that's touched more than skating. As a creative, Barbee's pursued photography and music as diligently and effectively as he's changed the face of skateboarding. Introduced as the next generation of Powell Peralta's Bones Brigade, Barbee progressed street skating with both his incorporation of step-hops and endless lines, but also as of the first African American street pros in history.

Ray Barbee's eternal pursuit of positivity and expression has created a footprint that's immeasurable. He's one of the only skateboarders whose footage, coverage, and presence deserves the title "timeless." Officially achieving Transworld Skateboarding "Legend" status in 2017, Ray continues on his creative journey, challenging himself in new ways with his most recent album Tiara for Computer (2018), showing that he's a master of composition and not just guitar. Summed up in a smile, Ray Barbee's presence in skating is a spark that never goes out.

HOMETOWN: San Jose, California
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Long Beach, California
DATE OF BIRTH: October 5, 1971
INSTAGRAM: @r.barbee

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