Pedro Delfino


Pedro Delfino

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Florida gets a bad rap for being the land of mad men, and Boca Raton hometown hero Pedro Delfino's skating does nothing to help this cliché—the spots he skates are straight up insane. From massive triple kinked rails to head high hubbas, Pedro seems to be happy to skate whatever's in his way. His high energy personality and penchant for stepping to spots few others would earned him a coveted Thrasher cover in February 2018 and a spot alongside his heavy ripping sister (and fellow Vans team rider) in the Am Scramble video that same year.

Though Pedro now calls California home, he's hooked up with fellow Floridian Jamie Foy on Deathwish and dropped a seriously heavy welcome video part that personifies both a Skate and Destroy and Off The Wall mentality. With legendary makes and slams that'd make some quit the game, Pedro continues to prove he's a true lifer.

HOMETOWN: Boca Raton, Florida
DATE OF BIRTH: April 5, 1995
INSTAGRAM: @_pedrodelfino

VANS APAC: Shikumen | Skate | VANS

Vans Asia rented a "Shikumen", an old Shanghai lane house, for a month and invited the Vans team from all over the world to explore the city. Staying in week-long shifts, the team from the USA, France, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan cruised around with the Vans China team as they skated the city of marble, devouring xiaolongbaos and dodging scooters along the way. Featuring Chima Ferguson, Jesse Noonan, Jackson Pilz, Juwon Eun, Chris Bradley, Piet Guilfoyle, Azreen Azman, Dustin Henry, Etienne Gagne, Victor Pellegrin, Jeremy Hu, CK, Xiao Jun, Fifa Tintarn, Jerm Sothichai, Shogo Zama, Mario Palandeng, Zhenya Buzukin, Mike Lee, Justin Henry, and Pedro Delfino. Filmed and edited by Tommy Zhao and Liu Maomao.