Pedro Barros


Pedro Barros

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Desire is built into Pedro's wiring. Faster, harder, higher, stronger—his approach to skating is about being excessive with style. Barros' characteristic adrenaline-fueled style produces high-flying, fast and powerful runs in the Vans Park Series. He is one of the most successful skaters to ever participate in the series and is a park terrain icon in the making. This year, Barros has placed on the podium at every stop on the VPS Pro Tour this season. Looking forward to the evolution of the Olympics inclusion, Barros dreams to skate for his country of Brazil.

With the support of family, friends, and the leisurely lifestyle he's able to pursue at home in Florianopolis, he thrives on winning, able to find another gear at will. His intensity translates as well on camera as it does on the contest circuit, as seen in Vans Propeller (2015), Vans Park Series, and various video projects that remind us that he can carry that fire onto anything, including the streets. With every trip to the podium, Pedro carries a community forward, inspiring anyone with a passion to step up and get theirs.

HOMETOWN: Florianopolis, Brazil
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Florianopolis, Brazil
DATE OF BIRTH: March 16, 1995
INSTAGRAM: @pedrobarrossk8

Pedro Barros 1st Place Pros Run 2016 | Vans Pool Party | VANS

The unstoppable Pedro Barros demonstrated another breathtaking feat of talent, blasting through huge airs in lightning fast runs to win his third Vans Pool Party championship title to date! Here's how Pedro took 1st place.