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John Cardiel

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The early-'90s were a divisive time in skateboarding. As street emerged as the new pulse of the industry and the industry amidst a shake-up, in came John Cardiel to up the stoke and remind everyone that it's all skateboarding. Focused on fun, progression, and the adrenaline of the journey, Cardiel's skateboarding became the gold standard of spontaneous insanity—if you caught it in person, great, if not, you feasted on the folklore. Earning him Thrasher Magazine's third "Skater of the Year" honor and the attention of a generation.

With frontiersman morale and infectious excitement, Cardiel set off Anti-Hero's brand of twisted Americana. Endeared and feared, the Hell Ride Crew injected skateboarding with a shot of nomad adventure, reckless exploration, and rare bird integrity that slashed and burned a trail to infamy. The measure of an individual is the impression they make, and Cardiel continues to take everything to a higher vibration, whether he's on the session, in the DJ booth, or in our minds screaming "Get some!"

HOMETOWN: San Jose, California
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Sacramento, California
DATE OF BIRTH: December 14, 1973
INSTAGRAM: @johncardiel

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