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Geoff Rowley

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As part of skateboarding's British Invasion of the mid-'90s, Geoff Rowley and his Flip compatriots not only stormed the US, but opened up a global conversation. Through the newfound voice that 411VM provided, along with Transworld Skateboarding's succession of videos, Rowley exuded swagger and spirit, proving that anyone, anywhere could put skating in a stranglehold.

Showing an unprecedented amount of power, Rowley advanced the skill level of going big as much as he almost single-handedly refocused shoe design in 1999. Shunning the air pocket laden footbeds, lace loops, and abundance of plastic prevalent at the time, Rowley's first signature shoe with Vans pulled from classic design and a vulcanized sole, immediately catching on and rekindling interest in vulcanized shoes as a whole. His impressive resume includes a Thrasher "Skater of the Year" award in 2000, influential contributions to Flip's Sorry video franchise, a full part in Propeller (2015), and a punk-driven stain that can never be washed out.

HOMETOWN: Liverpool, United Kingdom 
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Long Beach, California
DATE OF BIRTH: June 6, 1976
INSTAGRAM: @geoffrowley

Built [ROWLEY] Strong - Full Length | Skate | VANS

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