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Curren Caples

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As skateboarding continues to expand, influence, and explode, Curren Caples is a living reminder of its California origins and ethos. A lifelong surfer, born to a family entrenched in the culture, Curren's thirst for speed drove him towards skating, in the same pure way that surfers flocked to it in the ‘60s in between breaks. Concrete, crust, wood, and masonite are approached with a surfer's eye, intensely focused yet completely calm and controlled.

Barely a teenager, Curren's free and easy approach to big and gnarly put a lot of eyes on his skating, quickly securing him a place on the Flip roster, alongside his childhood inspiration Geoff Rowley. As balanced as his approach to all terrains, he's consistently been a contest standout, including four X-Games Park medals, jumping in the van for Thrasher's "King of the Road," and video contributions to Flip projects, web edits, Vans Propeller (2015) and his Berrics "Push" part in 2017. Formed by tradition and defined by personal flair, Curren carries the torch bigger, further, and faster into the future.

HOMETOWN: Ventura, California
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Ventura, California
DATE OF BIRTH: January 10, 1996
INSTAGRAM: @currencaples  

Curren Caples' First Pro Contest | Skate | VANS

On March 23rd, 2013 Flip Skateboard's Curren Caples entered his first pro contest at Tampa Pro. He got 15th place. They say you always remember your first time; we're just glad we were there to video tape it for Curren.