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Christian Hosoi

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With one of the deepest record of contest wins, accolades, accomplishments, benchmarks, and a legacy that continues to grow and inspire new generations, Christian Hosoi's is one of the few skateboarders that truly embodies the tag "icon." Since turning pro in 1981, he's navigated his career with so much charisma and individuality that his silhouette alone casts a massive shadow over skating and influence that's undisputed. Along with pioneering above the coping, Hosoi's forged his way as a resilient innovator, whose independent spirit has resulted in one of the most colorful careers in skateboarding.

Recognized by Transworld Skateboarding as the 4th most influential skateboarder of all time, Hosoi's contributions to skating are massive, yet can be boiled down to his signature mix of power and grace on a skateboard. Even as a 14-year-old entering the pro ranks, he exuded the confidence of a veteran and the flair of an artist that shot him to worldwide fame. A true rockstar, Hosoi's skate celebrity led him to movie roles, modeling, entrepreneurship, as well as all the pitfalls of fame, only to see his star rise again, cementing his resolve and allowing him to shine his prove that his talent is timeless.

HOMETOWN: Venice Beach, California
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Huntington Beach, California
DATE OF BIRTH: October 5, 1967
INSTAGRAM: @christianhosoi   

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