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Chima Ferguson

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While it's impossible to quantify the magnetism some skateboarders possess, Chima Ferguson's lofty pop and assurance on a board is universally infectious and envied. Hailing from the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, Chima never let the adversity of his surroundings or peers affect his pursuit of a career in skating. His relaxed determination and thirst for travel set him in perpetual motion and onto the radar of Real Skateboards by way of a local video.

With Vans teammate Dustin Dollin amplifying the potential of the Australian skate scene before him, Chima's entrance to the United States went off like a controlled explosion, as evidenced in his parts for Real, Volcom, a lead section in Propeller (2015), and his dedication to destruction in Vans' "Spinning Away." Firmly focused on a skate-first career, Chima's also passionately worked with Vans on two signature pro models that infuse simplicity with modern technology for heightened performance.


Hometown:  Sydney, Australia 
Currently Resides: Los Angeles, California and Sydney, Australia 
Date of Birth:  February 14, 1989 
On Vans Since:  2005
Instagram:  @chimaferguson

Chima Pro 2 Commercial | Skate | VANS

Introducing the Chima Pro 2 from Vans Pro Skate

Chima Ferguson Pro Commercial | Skate | VANS

Chima Ferguson skates the streets of Sydney in his new addition to the Vans Pro collection. MUSIC: Original score by Helio Collective.