Ty Morrow

Ty Morrow

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From the beaches of Florida, Ty has finally settled in Los Angeles, CA. Bursting into the scene as a teenager with the figure of a grown man, Ty got the world talking initially about how high he could bunny hop and get pegs onto something. It almost had to be seen to be believed. Getting his break in the mid 2000's film End Search, Ty confirmed himself as a legit rider and become one that riders have sweated globally since.

One of the best things Ty can do is pop 180's and 360's off, and often over obstacles. Seeing Ty rip in and pop is a thing of beauty, it's a pleasure to experience. What may sound like basic moves can be misleading, Ty sends this stuff at only the biggest setups and his technique is mesmerizing.

Ty's part in the Fiend BMX video "No Bicycles" earned him a NORA Cup (Number One Rider Award) for Video part of the Year. Ty chipped away for the better part of two years working on that video and it showed to the BMX community who nominated Ty for the win. There are many mind-bending moves in the video but the full-power wall ride to 360, fast plant to 180 over a fence, and one of the biggest Cab's down a stair set have the highlighted.

10 years have now past for Ty being part of the Vans BMX team, and along with the numerous awards and heavy video parts he has stacked over the decade, I think the respect and admiration for Ty in the BMX community is something also to be very proud of.  

HometownWest Palm Beach, FL
Currently Resides: Los Angeles, CA
Date of Birth:  May 7, 1990
On Vans Since: 2008
Instagram: @tymoe

Vans BMX Illustrated: Ty Morrow Full Part | Illustrated | VANS

Ty Morrow searched the streets of Perth, Melbourne, Los Angeles and Arizona for this one-of-a-kind video part with technical lines and heavy spots that you only want to visit once. With security in pursuit, Ty stomped his ender weeks after the filming deadline, putting it all on the line for the first Vans BMX video. Edited by Calvin Kosovich. "Blind Children" by Paternoster Now-Again Records LLC