Trey Jones

Trey Jones

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A Florida man who brings pallets to the swamp and entertains thousands of BMXers- that man is Trey Jones. Trey is an amazing rider who has a pension for doing things against the grain, but his greatest accomplishment may be his Florideah Swampfest series. Held yearly, it is raw DIY mayhem at its finest. Full pipes made of pallets, trails surrounded by water pits, rails across mud pits; Swampfest is an absolutely epic event year after year. When he's not stacking pallets in a swamp, Trey is riding his own backyard ramps, doing some sort of challenge as a regular on Scotty Cranmer's Youtube channel, or chilling in his mancave watching one of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of old VHS tapes he collects.

Trey's pegless, fast, and unique style of riding generally involves a combination of a pedal grind, a curved wall, a nose manual up something, a 360 out of something else, and maybe even a massive gap landing onto stairs. Over the years Trey has put out some incredible video parts, most recently in ONE, where Trey stomped out enough clips to put together a full section in just two weeks. Incredibly entertaining on the bike, always willing to put in work off of it, Trey is BMX through and through.

HOMETOWN: Longwood, Florida
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Longwood, Florida
DATE OF BIRTH:  July 31, 1992                            
INSTAGRAM: @treyjonesucks

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