Travis Hughes

Travis Hughes

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The youngin' of the team, Travis Hughes' street skills and influential riding style have only recently exploded onto the BMX scene. Growing up in Temecula, California, Travis started off riding dirt, but decided to throw some pegs on his bike and switch to street after his local trails got torn down time and time again. Despite his young age, Travis has always managed to carry himself (and ride) like someone five years his senior. Now 20, he's still years ahead of the game, just with a lot more wisdom, tricks, and sponsors backing him.

Calm, cool, collected, and an absolute beast on a bike. Whether it's a wild manual combo, some sort of flat ledge NBD, or massive rail, Travis always seems to know what to film, where, and why; something that many seasoned pros still struggle with. Joining the Vans squad in 2014 as an amateur, Travis' cool demeanor has earned him the respect of his peers and has quickly floated him from flow to pro. Simply put, Travis is part of the future of BMX.

Hometown: Temecula, CA
Currently Resides: Fountain Valley, CA
Date of Birth: January 21, 1999
On Vans Since: 2014
Instagram: @travishughes

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