Larry Edgar

Larry Edgar

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The reigning Vans BMX Pro Cup champion, Larry Edgar has been Vans' resident rocket man since he joined the team in 2013. Most known for his ability to go higher than everyone else, Larry also has a deep bag of tricks and a powerful style that few can emulate, and if they can, it's about six feet lower. Growing up in Riverside, California, Larry began riding when he was 13 and quickly progressed as he had an amazing park, a few sets of local trails, and a ton of local pros to help shape him into the well-rounded rider he is today.

Larry's powerful riding translates across all aspects. He has a crazy flat ground game, able to do bunny hop 180 whips and overclick'd bunny hop turndowns. He can fling a triple whip or a 360 whip-o-fakie, if necessary. But, above anything else, it's Larry's ability to air higher than anyone else that has made him, no pun intended, stand above everyone else. To put it into perspective, Larry has won every high air event at every Vans BMX Pro Cup—he is literally untouchable. The fact that he's the Pro Cup overall champion not once, but twice, and he has a NORA Cup for Reader's Choice Rider of The Year, makes it a pretty easy to say that Larry is on an absolute rampage and shows no sign of slowing down.

Hometown:  Corona, CA
Currently Resides:  Winchester, CA
Date of Birth:  June 30, 1993
On Vans Since:  2013
Instagram:  @larry_edgar

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