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Dennis Mccoy

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If the purpose of life is to gather as many memories and experiences as possible, then DMC is surely winning. Dennis has lived the equivalent of 20 lives and has the memory and vocal cord strength to tell you all about them. A true encyclopedia of BMX knowledge is a byproduct of being a professional BMX rider for over 30 years, I suppose. Dennis McCoy turned pro in 1986, at a time when BMX events involved riding flatland, airing an eight-foot-wide quarter, and doing kickturns on a wedge ramp. Dennis not only dominated those contests in the '80s, but he was on the forefront of progression in every aspect of the emerging sport. In flatland, he was the first to begin linking fast, spinning tricks into longer combinations. On street, he was sending massive 360s down ten stairs (in 1987!). On ramps, he was pushing lip trick combinations by adding barspins and tailwhips and, in 1992, he was the first person to land a 360 barspin, now known as a truckdriver. Dennis' legacy of contest wins and invented tricks can only be outshined by his longevity. He's been in every X Games —every single one of them since they started in 1995! Hell, at the most recent X Games he stomped a 900. At the age of 52, Dennis has the same energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to BMX that he had 30 years ago and he's showing no signs of slowing down. 

Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Currently Resides: Kansas City, MO
Date of Birth: December 29, 1966
On Vans Since: 2001
Instagram: @bmxdmc

Dennis McCoy | BMX | VANS

Vans BMX team rider Dennis McCoy doing his thing in the park.