Dennis Enarson

Dennis Enarson

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In some ways, riders like Dennis Enarson are a dying breed. You have street riders and transition riders, trick riders and flow riders, burly riders and technical riders. Very rarely does a single rider encompass all of those things, but that's Dennis. He can put out a game-changing, all-street video part, win a Vans BMX Pro Cup event, and stand on the podium of a trick-heavy FISE event all in the same month. He's the only rider in history to be nominated for four NORA Cups in the same year: Street, Dirt, Ramp, and Video Part. He has X Games medals in three different disciplines, more NORA Cups than shelf space at his mom's house, and most importantly, he's just a damn nice guy. Off the bike, he's started his own brand, produced a full-length video, organized events, and most recently, he started his own weekly podcast called Unclicked. The best all-around rider in the world also happens to be driven to create good things for the community? Well, that's awesome and we're beyond happy to have Dennis join the Vans family in 2019.  

Hometown:  San Diego, California
Currently Resides:  San Diego, California 
Date of Birth:  April 19, 1991
On Vans Since: 2019
INSTAGRAM: @dennisenarson

Vans Presents: "Lost in Grand Cayman" | BMX | VANS

The Vans BMX Team welcomes Dennis Enarson to the family island-style. Tag along as the crew embark on a journey to re-discover one of the heaviest concrete parks ever built in the most unlikely of places, on Grand Cayman Island in the middle of the of Caribbean Sea, the infamous Black Pearl. Watch Dennis Enarson, Gary Young and Kevin Peraza shred 62,000 square feet of unforgiving Cayman concrete; the first tricks for Dennis Enarson on his new journey with Vans BMX.