Cory Nastazio

Cory Nastazio

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Nasty. Nasty Dawg. He may have split personalities, but simply put, there's only one Cory Nastazio. The world-renowned dirt jumper has been both a staple in the dirt scene and a member of the Vans family for over 25 years. In that time, Cory has been known for hucking some of the wildest tricks on dirt and having a larger-than-everything persona that made him the life of the party wherever he went—on or off the bike. Now a veteran of the game, Cory is still pushing, still refining, and still able to send it when the time is right. You're more likely to find him up at 7am than out ‘til 5am, but there's never a dull moment with Nasty. All the skill, all the energy, and all fun are still burning for Cory. While he's still able to throw front flips with the young guns, he finds most of his enjoyment these days roasting one his classic 360s through a set of trails on the east coast, working on and riding his own set of trails in Tehachapi, California, and maintaining his status as a legend of the sport in every way. 

Hometown: West Palm Beach, Flordia
Currently Resides: Oceanside, California
Date of Birth: May 11, 1978
On Vans Since: 1994
Instagram: @corynastazio

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