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Bruno Hoffmann

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The German machine. Bruno Hoffmann has been a street destroyer since the day he burst onto the scene at the age of 14. Through a combination of wallrides, grinds, manuals, and spins—going backwards and forwards—Bruno was among the leaders who ushered in a new school style of street riding. The bike control that Bruno possesses is hard to imagine, but he's taken that level of control to events across the world and proven that you can be insanely technical and consistent, all at the same time. With a plethora of video parts under his belt, Bruno's progressive riding, work ethic, and ability to spin hard enough to make his hat fly off in every single clip, have earned him the respect of his peers and industry alike. Look for Bruno to be doing more of the same from anywhere between Tel Aviv to Los Angeles. 

Hometown: Siegen, Germany
Currently Resides:  Frankfurt, Germany
Date of Birth:  March 8, 1993
On Vans Since: 2008
Instagram: @BrunoHoffmann

Vans BMX Illustrated: Bruno Hoffmann Full Part | Illustrated | VANS

Bruno Hoffmann presents one of his most technical street parts today and with a visit from Dan Lacey, the two riders are non-stop, stacking clips late into the night from Australia to Lisbon to Albuquerque. One of the most influential riders in the past five years, Bruno has pushed street lines to unreal levels with his mix of switch grinds and freecoaster riding.

Vans BMX Global Team Welcomes Bruno Hoffmann to the Family | BMX | VANS

Bruno Hoffmann takes on Tel Aviv, Berlin and Nashville with full commitment and prevails. Bruno has been chipping away at the forefront of the tech game for so long but that's not all he has. Full power 5's and a huge 3 over a rail straight into a car and you have yourself a committed man.Laced to an epic soundtrack fit for the superstar that Bruno has become cut with intense filmmaking by Rich Forne, this is a part Bruno should be really proud of.