Alex Hiam

Alex Hiam

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He may only be 23, but Alex Hiam has already been a professional BMX rider for over a decade. In fact, Alex holds the honor of being the youngest pro to have a signature frame and complete bike at just 12 years old. Alex's unbelievable talent at such a young age has created the foundation for being one of the best riders in the world and his wide-eyed approach to life has made him one of the most liked dudes on the deck, as well. In the early days of his career, Alex pushed himself through a sequence of better-than-the-last video parts that built him a huge fan base of both kids and industry heads alike. But really, it's only in the last few years that Alex has come into his own. He's refined his riding to the point where he has insanely difficult tricks on tap and his style is up there with the best in the game. Alex's progressive, well-rounded, and incredibly technical riding now has him capable of winning any event he's at. A proper example would be the 2018 X Games Dave Mirra Best Trick event, where Alex won with a tailwhip-to-tailwhip nosepick on a sub-box—which he pulled first try as a warm-up to what he actually wanted to do. It's Alex's mix of impossible technical riding and full-send unpredictability that makes him so damn amazing to watch and a perfect fit for the Vans family. 

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia      
Currently Resides:  Brisbane, Austrailia  
Date of Birth: August 21, 1995   
On Vans Since: 2008    
Instagram:  @alexhiam      

2017 Vans BMX Pro Cup: Pro Practice Highlights in Mexico | BMX Pro Cup | VANS

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