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Olivia Krause, Chris Martin and the Old Skool. Classic since forever.


Chris Martin

"I’m using my culture and my voice to create what I would like to perceive as a new tradition."

Christopher Martin is a multidisciplinary artist born in North Carolina, currently based in Oakland, CA, exploring the African Diaspora. Driven by a desire to push southern history, Martin confronts aesthetic perceptions of contemporary injustice.

Olivia Krause

"When I look back at work that I did like five, six years ago and work I’m doing now, I always feel like there’s a sense of continuity and just my own unique style."

Olivia Krause is a multimedia artist based in Oakland, CA exploring abstracted moments of the human experience. Olivia works in a range of different mediums including paint, bleach, and airbrush to record and erase emotions and images so that time and change are embedded into the pieces to showcase that nothing is permanent.