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Julian Klincewicz

Vault by Vans reunites with Julian Klincewicz for another masterfully crafted collection of footwear and apparel inspired by his childhood summers in Union Pier, Michigan.
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Summers in Michigan

“This collection for me is really inspired by the world I experienced in Michigan. It is inspired by the feeling, the memories, the spirit it represents. I tried to approach each piece of footwear and apparel with a kind of humility and practicality in mind, as well as the idea of time. What would I want to wear there? How will it change? How does something like a shoe gain value as it deteriorates? Through the memories you make while wearing them.”

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  • Girl wearing Pale Fire Sky tee shirt and blue and black checkered shorts
  • Red Vans Authentic Shoe with Pale Fire Sky text
  • Girl in black shorts and tee shirt, barefoot with back facing camera looking towards the ocean. A pair of teal Vans Authentic shoes are resting on the sand
  • Man sitting on beach sand with white tee shirt, black shorts, and teal Vans Authentic shoes
  • A couple relaxing on beach sand hill
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  • Suade Vans Authentic shoes in beach sand.
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  • Purple Vans Authentic shoes on beach sand
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Made To
Be Worn Down

“My collection is meant to be worn and worn down, the suedes are meant to fade from bright to muted, from vivid to sun-bleached shades, and the shirts are meant to have their sleeves cut and rolled because it’s so hot and humid. The items are meant to be made individual by the owner. They’re meant to be tools for a summer spent running, playing, adventuring - they’re simply pieces to facilitate experiences.

Black tee-shirtWhite tee-shirtGreen Vans shoesPurple Vans shoesOrange Vans shoesJulian Vans Vault purple sockJulian Vans blue long sleeve button down shirtJulian Vans blue and black checkered shortsRed Classic Vans shoeSuade Classic Vans shoe
Vans Vault Julian shirtVans Vault Julian shirtVans Vault Julian shirt
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Dive into the process and ideas behind the collection in this behind-the-scenes documentary by Jackson Sjogren.

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Available May 07, 2022


Off The Hook

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#1922 - 6060 Minoru Blvd.

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