This is Off The Wall
Making something out of nothing.

Born and raised in East Atlanta, J.I.D has carved out his unique space in Hip Hop through raw talent and a unwavering desire for greatness. While creativity was a constant throughout J.I.D’s life, music wasn’t always his first love, as he grew up dreaming of being an athlete. While playing college football on a scholarship, JID hit a rough patch of injuries and uncertainty that would ultimately lead him to embracing music as his path forward.

"Music just helped me decide andhelped me to show that I couldmake my own way."
"I want people to find creativityin their lives. No matter whatThey're doing, in any situation."

When that time came to move in a new direction, J.I.D pulled inspiration from the influences closest to him and set out to blaze a path of his own in hip hop. Driven by a powerful work ethic, paired with obsessive writing and a love of intricate wordplay, J.I.D has established himself as a leader in a new wave of hip hop that values craft over hype and is helping to define a new sound and approach.

"As soon as I learned torecord myself, track it, andbounce it. It was over."