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Vision Walk

Skate Skool

Saturday Sept 22: 10:00am - 2:00pm


Vision Walk inspires others to discover the world around them while embarking on their own creative self-discovery through photography. As a testament to its commitment to enabling creative expression, Vans is hosting Vision Walk at House of Vans Toronto, taking individuals on a journey within their own city and helping them find their own perspective.

Led by photographers Pat O'Rourke and Rebecca Ramsdale, Vision Walk encourages participants to share their point of view with one another to showcase the unique perspectives that come from the energy of collaboration.

"Pat O'Rourke is a Toronto based artist and skateboarder. He discovered his passion for photography over his earlier years traveling around the world with friends on skate trips. He started an online magazine 3 years ago titled Rental Mag, which he curates daily posting images he finds inspiring. Rental will be launching its first print issue in Toronto Fall 2018."

"Rebecca Ramsdale is a Toronto based fashion and beauty blogger. Originally from just outside the city, Rebecca moved to Toronto 5 years ago to pursue a career in the fashion industry. With a strong interest in photography, Rebecca spends her free time documenting her daily life and outfits through her social channels".

The culmination of Vision Walk will take place Sunday September 23rd when House of Vans Toronto will play host to an exhibition showcasing the best images from Vision Walk participants, with Vision Walk host Pat O'Rourke awarding one participant with the grand prize of a Leica camera.

Vans ethos on creative expression is simple — you don't need professional training, instruction, or equipment to make art. You just need to have an idea and the desire to create something. With a camera in everyone's pocket, photography has become an art form accessible to us all — every moment can be captured instantly and in turn each of those photos has the power to convey a certain idea or memory.

Event Schedule

Saturday Sept 22:


  • Coffee/waffles
  • Pat and Rebecca give Vision Walk talk


  • Hit the city for the Vision Walk


  • Vision walk over 
  • Participants submit their entries


Sunday Sept 23:


  • Vision Walk Photo show


  • Final talk from Pat and Rebecca, prize is awarded.