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Vans X Stranger Things Customs Hellfire Club ComfyCush Slip-On

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Vans Customs have been a tradition since 1966, when Paul Van Doren made shoes with any fabric people brought by the shop. Today, the creativity is still in your hands, and now it’s comfier than ever.

Made with a new softer, cushiony outsole, newly constructed uppers with simplified one-piece interiors, added arch support, and new moisture-wicking lining throughout, ComfyCush Customs give you a first-class fit that feels like walking on a cloud. Pick your shoe, pick your colors and patterns, and Keep It Comfy at all times.

The Vans x Stranger Things 4 collection brings the Stranger Things world to life. Travel to the Upside Down, Surfer Boy Pizza, Hawkins Indiana, and more through the Vans' playful apparel and footwear. Grab your group of best friends, a waffle(sole) and get ready to be propelled into the world of Vans x Stranger Things 4. Customize your Vans with a variety of Vans X Stranger Things swatches. Pick your shoe, pick your colors and patterns, and make them yours. Delivered to you in 3-4 weeks with free shipping.

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