Vans X Alva Skates T-Shirt
CAD 50.00

Vans X Alva Skates T-Shirt


Vans X Alva Skates T-Shirt


1. Color - White

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Vans celebrates creative pioneer and skateboarding legend Tony Alva with a collection of footwear and apparel.


There is no one more authentic and true to themselves than Tony Alva. As one of the first creative voyagers of Vans, he’s become the inspiration for future generations to progress along their journey to finding their truest selves. With the Vans x Alva Skates T-Shirt, we revisit Tony’s heritage with Vans to inspire all creative thinkers to channel their inner Tony Alva and be unapologetically authentic.


Model wearing size 32 or Medium.


•             Vans x Alva Skates Collection

•             Crewneck t-shirt

•             100% cotton

•             Short sleeves

•             Custom artwork