Coastal Crew BFF Sweater
CAD 90.00

Coastal Crew BFF Sweater


Coastal Crew BFF Sweater


1. Color - Grape Leaf

2. Size -


Since the birth of riding waves, surfers have been in the business of modifying their equipment to better address the demands of their environment. The right board for the wave. Different waxes based on water temperature. Thick neoprene suits to insulate from the cold. Four-wheel drive vehicles customized for camping and holding boards. The list goes on. The Coastal MTE collection was designed
to better address the needs of the cold-water surfer. Designed to be layered for early morning surf sessions, the Coastal Crew Sweater will help you stay warm and dry while trekking to your coastal surf spot. Made with soft cotton, this sweater has a comfortable BFF fit and jacquard front graphics depicting nature’s trinity: waves, trees, and sun. Inspired by the northern California coast, the Coastal MTE collection is intended for rugged terrain and breathtaking surf, because we know that even though you have to work a bit harder to get there, the juice is worth the squeeze.

Traditional Womens Fit and both models wearing Size Small.

• 100% Cotton

• Crew sweater

• BFF fit

• Jacquard front graphics

• Logo flag label