A unique year calls for a radical change! Vans is proud to reveal an historic evolution of the prestigious Vans Triple Crown of Surfing event series. Launching on December 21, 2020, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing’s official contest format will be transformed into an innovative, digital, free surf competition experience.

Sanctioned by the World Surf League as a specialty digital event, the 2020 Vans Triple Crown will return to the fabled North Shore in Hawaii as an open, submission-based competition, hosted entirely online at Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. The event will run for four weeks from December 21, 2020 – January 18, 2021, honoring winning titles for the Hawaiian Pro in Haleiwa, the Vans World Cup at Sunset Beach, and Pipe. The 2020 Vans Triple Crown series will expand the field to welcome men and women contenders from around the world to prove their talent in Hawaii by submitting their best waves for judging consideration.


Women’s Competition:

The digital VTCS has got the best women past, present and future signed up and you can expect not only to see better waves posted than those we saw in the Pipe Masters final yesterday, but it will bring more women to the Pipe lineup in a transformational moment in time. The digital VTCS might well be the biggest catalyst of change in the Pipe lineup, ever. Keala Kennelly, Moana Jones, Carissa Moore, Tatiana Weston Webb... there are going to be some great rides entered.

Many of these Women CT surfers have never spent time on the North Shore or surfed the VTC breaks as they only go to Maui. They’re really charging taking on Pipe since most of them have never surfed there, before but are keen to challenge themselves!

If the 2021 Pipe Masters is going to be a men’s and women’s event under the Vans banner, these are firm steps to a clear future for women - not just at Pipe, but Sunset and Hale’iwa, as well as the lineup in general.

WSL Tour Surfers:

John Florence, Kelly Slater, Carissa Moore, Julian Wilson, Stephanie Gilmore, Tatiana Weston Webb, Malia Manuel, Mason Ho, Coco Ho, Nathan Florence, Sebastian Zietz and more!

Non-WSL Surfers:

Leah Dawson - Camera operator for WSL/Pipe Masters; partner of Jerry Lopez’s son; amazingly stylish surfer who is really impressive on longboards and alternative shapes. She’s 34 yo. Lives on Oahu. Started the Changing Tides Foundation.

Cliff Kapono  - Hawaiian activist, environmentalist, scientist. From the Big Island. 33yo. Awesome on an alaia. Will be interesting to see what he chooses to ride.

Kirra Seale  - longboard entry. 22yo from the North Shore. Won your US Open longboard event, I believe.

Josh Bogle - adaptive surfer

Moana Jones-Wong - 21yo from North Shore. Absolute underground Pipe charger. She was a promising junior WSL competitor who could not compete due to religious beliefs that prevented her from competing on either Saturdays or Sunday (can’t remember which one). So she kinda dropped off the map. What’s interesting is that this is a major event that she can compete in. She is known in the Pipe lineup by all the big boys and really charges. No Instagram account.

Raquel Heckert - Eddie Aikau big wave alternate. Won women’s Best Performance award in the 2019 Big Wave Awards.

Sheldon Paishon - from Makaha. Super promising surfer from Hawaii. Really struggled growing up. Experienced homelessness and the surfing community is what really carried him through and kept him on a healthy path.

Shinpei Horiguchi - Japanese charger who has made a mark over the years at the Volcom Pipe Pro. Have never seen him in a Triple Crown I don’t believe.

Anthony Walsh - formerly out of Australia. Content Director who has worked with GoPro and RedBull. Married to a former WSL women’s world longboard champ. Excellent at Pipe. Has been in Triple Crowns before.

Zoe McDougall - aspiring women’s CT surfer from Sunset Beach.

Keala Kennelly - LGBTQ community star. Pipe charger. Blue crush movie stunt double for star Kate. Has surfed Teahupoo on giant days. 2003 VTC women’s champion and first and only Hawaiian to win a VTC title.