Day 1 Of The Van Doren Invitational - Qualifier Results

The sun was out, the vibes were good and some of the world's best bowl riders showed up for a chance to qualify for tomorrow's 75K cash prize at day 1 of the Van Doren Invitational live from the Hastings bowl in Vancouver, BC. 

Check out some images of today as well as who qualified. Join us tomorrow or tune into Thrasher's live webcast tomorrow to see who rips their way to the top.

Jam 1-

  1. Adam Hopkins
  2. Colin Provost
  3. Raney Beres
  4. Raven Tershy
  5. Tom Schaar

Jam 2 -

  1. Alex Sorgente
  2. Ben Raybourn
  3. Curren Caples
  4. Kevin Kowalski
  5. Omar Hassan

Jam 3-

  1. Brad McClain
  2. Chris Gregson
  3. James Clarke
  4. Riley Stevens
  5. Rob Sluggo Boyce

Jam 4-

  1. Chris Russell
  2. Cody Lockwood
  3. Jerry Gurney
  4. Nolan Munroe
  5. Zach Miller