VANS PRESENT Get-N Classic, Vol. 3 Canada Film Premiere Tour


Vans is proud to present the long awaited third installment of Vans’ unique surf film series Get-N Classic, hitting theaters across the country this summer in anticipation of its official worldwide premiere live on on August 28th. Kicking off the tour as part of the 2014 Vans US Open of Surfing, Get-N Classic Vol. 3 will have public screenings across Canada at Boutique Archive in Montreal, QC, Pro Skates in Halifax, NS and Shelter Restaurant in Tofino, BC. 


Live on OffTheWall.TV on September 3rd, 2014

Vans embarks on an incredible journey of global surf exploration and progressive surfing in Get-N Classic, Vol. 3, starring a multi-talented cast of the world’s best surfers ever assembled under one banner. Filmed on location in Hawaii, California, Scotland, Peru, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia and the Caribbean, Get-N Classic, Vol. 3 reveals history in the making, featuring breathtaking destinations and phenomenal once in a lifetime waves.

With a variety of talent exemplified by multiple generations of surfers including Nathan Fletcher, Joel Tudor, Dane Reynolds, the Gudauskas’ brothers, Nathan Florence, Leila Hurst and more, the third installment of Vans’ Get-N Classic series provides a unique documentarian perspective of the Vans Surf team and their exclusive surf discoveries from around the world.