Classic & Family no. 4

Deeply rooted in the California beach town way of life, the appeal of its individualistic aesthetic and message began to draw attention across state and national borders. Before long, skateboarders noticed the sticky gum rubber sole and sturdy construction that helped them stick their tricks and invent more. Close to half a century later, what began with the Authentic has evolved into a full line of heritage silhouettes representing the heart and identity of Vans.

Having travelled the world to showcase our global Vans Family in the first two issues of the Classic & Family lookbook, and taken a breather to venture into our own backyard in issue No. 3, No. 4 brings old friends and new faces from around the globe once more. As music runs through the Vans veins as thick as blood, these photographers have captured their own devotion to sound in images that speak to a shared passion.

Alexis Gross made it clear in the past issue already that music is somewhat of an extra body part to her. A no-brainer to re-connect with this inspired photographer and have her get to work in her ultimate element. Jess Williams’ lens tells the story of Nashville. From the heart of music’s capital, this local offers a unique window into the unembellished day-to-day of a city that revolves around one thing, and one thing only. Hong Kong native and Melbourne transplant Sam Wong documents his artist friends’ panache for the quotidian chaos that is self-expression, and in Moscow, Sasha Mademuaselle bears photographic witness to the raw outpour of people spinning from the ecstasy only the music we respond to will envelope us in.

Don’t be shy, the collateral won’t damage, and our tunes will never fail to connect one with the other. Enjoy.