AV78 Collection

Anthony Van Engelen’s signature apparel collection features two staple pant silhouettes, the AV78 Selvedge and the AV78 Work Pant. 

AV78 Selvedge (Made in U.S.A.)

Influenced by AVE’s rugged style and harking back to the working class American’s uniform, the V78 Selvedge is exclusively “Made in U.S.A.” offering the best in durability while looking even better with age. Available in a brand new raw selvedge wash with Anthony’s signature lightning bolt logos on the waistband.

AV78 Work Pant

Joining AVE’s simple yet sturdy uniform is the AV78 Work Pant, a straight fit, roomier alternative ready for tough work day conditions and a full day of skating. The AV78 Work Pant comes offered with Anthony’s signature lightning bolt logos and a unique leopard-printed waist lining for some punk rock flair.