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when you wake up at 4am & the wifi doesn't work. #shanghaijetlagisreal

FeaturedRyan Petit@ryanalexandra.petit

Ryan Petit has a way with her retro wardrobe. As a content creator, writer and photographer she is continually combining her passions to make her mark in the fashion world. When she’s not being a champion thrifter, she’s inspiring others and teaching her peers how she styles her fashion finds.

FeaturedKhayman Lopez@losingtothesun

Khayman Lopez has been involved in the skate scene for nearly 13 years. Whether it’s photographing or making films with his friends, he’s always in the streets. Music and skating have crafted Khayman’s view of the world around him, he never turns down the opportunity to experiment or try something new.

FeaturedEmily Braden@neighbor_lady

As the front-woman and songwriter of Atlanta based band Neighbor Lady, Emily Braden is one to be reckoned with. She began writing music for herself in 2015, since then her work has evolved into the stylistic indie-rock band Neighbor Lady. But Emily’s talents go far beyond being a musician. She hand embroidered the band’s first album cover, creates their own merch, and dabbles in painting on occasion.