Classic Style reinvented with upgraded cushioning and durability

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Vans PRO SKATE combines powerful feedback from the Vans professional skateboarding team together with 50 years of quality craftsmanship and proven skate heritage to deliver the choicest in PRO SKATE performance.
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Feel Support'd
The Kyle Walker Pro
Vans wafflecup always has your back with unreal support and boardfeel.
Geoff Rowley
Built [ROWLEY] Strong
Geoff Rowley Signature Apparel.
AV Rapidweld
Seamless Durability
Vans Rapidweld™ stitchless construction with Duracap™ durability.
Vans Pro Skate
Pro Skate Performance
Consisting of distinct CONSTRUCTION methods, upgraded CUSHIONING options and engineered DETAILING to enhance functionality, PRO SKATE performance technologies are uniquely combined in every style to fit the severe demands and diverse riding preferences of the Vans PRO SKATE team.
Boardfeel & Support
The Vans Wafflecup
Now you can have your cake and eat it too. At long last, skateboarding’s perennial problem solved: Cupsole support or vulcanized boardfeel? Leave it to Vans PRO SKATE to innovate with skateboarding’s first-ever vulcanized cupsole. Vans’ revolutionary WAFFLECUP construction offers today’s skateboarders the SUPPORT of a cupsole without sacrificing any of the grip and BOARDFEEL of a traditional vulcanized shoe.
Original Waffle Outsole
Pro Classic Performance
Vans PRO CLASSICS are built to last longer with reinforced abrasion areas and provide the extra support and cushioning demanded by the world’s best professional skateboarders.
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